Importance of Safety Signs

Date Posted:29 September 2015 

Safety signs are necessary in any workplace.

The Australian Standard 1319 sets the design standard for safety in the workplace. To be effective, everyone must have a clear understanding of the sign’s message and the potential consequences for failing to carry out the given message.

At shsProducts we have a wide variety of First Aid Signage available to purchase. Below are some of the signs we sell linked with the AS1319 classification and use. 

Emergency Information Signs

Fire Emergency Signs 





Visibility Signs should be located where the messages are legible and so that they attract attention to all concerned
Siting of sign Signs should be mounted as close as practicable to the observer’s line of sight in the vertical plane

For a standing adult this will be approximately 5 degrees up or down from a point 150mmm above ground or floor level in front of the observer

Signs on moveable objects  Signs SHOULD NOT be placed on moveable objects such as doors, windows or racks.
Illumination External or internet illumination of signs should be considered where general lighting, does not provide adequate visibility of signs

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