10 Important Spring Cleaning Tips You Simply Can’t Overlook

Author: Simply Made   Date Posted:3 September 2018 

Whenever spring knocks, it brings along spring cleaning with its wake. Spring cleaning is inevitable and no matter how much you hate it, it must be done. In fact, it is like a rite that must be performed.

Whether you are new to the concept of spring cleaning or you are already used to it, Simply Maid have compiled a list of top cleaning tips that will you’re your whole spring cleaning experience a success.

1. Plan Ahead: Know Where To Clean

Whether you live in a small apartment or 5 bedrooms, 2 storey house, planning is among the most important parts of spring cleaning. Like any project, you need to list out every part of the room that needs to be cleaned. Make sure that you do not leave any places out, small rooms that might not come into mind instantly include rooms like the laundry room, the garage and the bedroom wardrobes can be easily left out while planning.

2. Get Prepared: Have Necessary Cleaning Tools Ready

Once you have a well laid out plan of all the places that need to be cleaned, it is time to get prepared. Firstly, gather all necessary cleaning materials such as mops, cleaning detergent, a rag/cloth and any related equipment that you might need. This will ensure that once you get the ball rolling, you will have all the necessary equipment at your disposal.

3. De-Clutter: A Fresh Household Beginning

By de-clutter, we mean to dispose of anything outdated or anything that you no longer need or use. Before you begin cleaning, go through each room and remove everything that you do not need such as old magazines, letters, clothing etc. Similarly, you can donate items which are no longer considered useful to charity.

Not only will you be de-cluttering your home, you will also gain a piece of mind knowing that your items are going to a place where they’ll be better valued.

4. Start Spring Cleaning Early: Stay Ahead of the Pack

Since you are cleaning your own house, you play the game by your own rules. However, procrastination is not good. Saying that you will get it done tomorrow is not a healthy part of spring cleaning. It is a good idea to begin spring cleaning early so that you can finish early and reap the rewards of your efforts.

For those of you that have already been procrastinating and contemplating hiring a cleaning company, we recently talked about key questions you should be asking your new cleaning company before considering taking up their cleaning services.

5. Clean Smart: Start from The Top

Let us apply some science in our spring cleaning, will we? If your house is multi-level, start cleaning on the upper floors heading downwards. In an individual room, start from cleaning the ceiling downwards to the floor to ensure that you do not return dirt to already cleaned surfaces.

6. Be Thorough: Take Your Time Where Needed

If you try to clean the whole building at once, you’re bound to miss spots. Therefore, to increase efficiency, make sure to give each room a thorough clean before moving to the next. Additionally, allocate each room a target time frame to make sure that you do not get distracted while cleaning.

7. Recycle: Be Green & Save


Recycle & Help Save The Environment

After gathering everything that you want to dispose of, take a closer look for materials which you can still put to good use. By recycling, you have potential to save money while also keeping the environment clean.

8. Bring Friends: Work Together & Create Bonding Experiences

After completing steps 1 and 2 in assembling everything you think you might need for a successful spring clean, you might find out that the work is too much for one person to handle. Why not ask a few close friends to join in?

You can ask for an extra hand from a family member or from a friend. In fact, spring cleaning allows for great bonding opportunities and creates a sense of achievement after a clean is successfully complete.

9. Exercise Caution: Be Careful When Handling Heavy Objects

Spring cleaning is intensive and one can easily forget basic precautions. Though spring cleaning is important, staying unhurt is more important. It is therefore important to be cautious when moving objects around by using proper lifting techniques as well as watching your space.

While cleaning high surfaces such as the walls, be extra careful while using ladders or stepping on stools. Also, watch out for wet surfaces. Always prioritise your safety first before undergoing anything remotely dangerous.

10.  Return Equipment: Put Everything Back Safely When Done

After your clean is complete, it is important to return all cleaning tools and equipment back to their appropriate places. Do not say that you will put them away later, they are a risk to yourself and your family if not properly returned to their rightful positions.

Mission Complete: Celebrate The Success of your Clean & Reward Yourself

Congratulations! You’re successfully completed a spring clean!

After you’re done packing away your cleaning equipment, take a few moments to breathe and admire the rooms you’ve successfully cleaned – you’ve done great!

It is important to always reward yourself for your hard work and share your achievements with family and friends. Perhaps a nice family BBQ just might do the trick!

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