Experts recommend learning how to use AED to save a life

Author: Erin Sullivan   Date Posted:22 June 2017 

Experts recommend learning how to use AED to save a life

JOPLIN, Mo. - In addition to CPR, you can increase your chances of saving a life by learning to use an AED device.


And AED device, also know as a defibrillator, delivers electric shocks to the heart of a person who is collapsed.

Experts recommend finding out if your office, gym, or dining restaurant have an AED on hand, and be aware of where it is located.

If an adult collapses suddenly, initiate CPR immediately and standby for the AED kit.

Most kits will talk you through steps either when you open it or when you turn it on. 

"People are afraid to get involved because they're afraid they're not going to know what to do, but with an AED, it's so simple and easy. Open it up, turn it on, and follow the prompts that it tells you to do," explained Freeman nurse Treva Geiger. 

AED devices are highly recommended and have become increasingly common in the last 15 years.

They have also grown to be less expensive and are a great safety precaution, even for your own home. 

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