First Aid Kits From Shs

Author: Shs Products   Date Posted:10 June 2020 

Why should you get your first aid kits from Shs Products?

1. All Our Kits Are WHS Compliant

All our kits and their contents are WHS compliant meaning that they are perfect towards meeting your obligations in the workplace.


2. High Quality Contents

All the contents of the kit are manufactured to a high-quality specification. This means that when the time comes you know that the tools needed to respond to an injury will not be faulty or low quality.


3. Easy to Order Refills

It’s easy to order refills for your kit once you use the contents within. Each refill is designed to meet the needs of different businesses and environments.


4. Australian Provider

Shs products is a wholly Australian owned company. So, when you buy from us you can be confident you are supporting local business and economy.


5. Easy to Reach and Helpful Customer Service

We have a customer service member ready to take your call and answer any questions and queries you may have.

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