Napkin Folding Ideas

Author: shs Products   Date Posted:17 January 2020 

Looking for a few fun napkin folding ideas for the upcoming holiday season? You've come to the right place! Here, we've rounded up our favorite napkin folding tips and tricks to help you impress your guests without spending a dime. With just a bit of elbow grease, creativity, and imagination, you'll be able to turn a simple linen napkin into something truly extraordinary. As gorgeous as these ideas are though, you don't actually have to be a napkin-folding pro to bring them to life. Anyone can origami their way to a napkin masterpiece, no experience needed—or fancy supplies, for that matter. We promise: Learning how to fold napkins isn't hard at all.

From a "pocket" fold that reveals a sprig of rosemary to Christmas dinner napkin folding ideas that involve full tree designs, there's something on our list for just about everyone. And if you're short on time, you can always opt for something a little simpler—say, an easy "place card holder" napkin fold, or a triple pocket fold, which recreates the sophisticated, no-frills look you've probably seen in many restaurants. Of course, a napkin's nothing without a dinner party.

Lotus Napkin Folding Idea - Unexpected and exciting, this lotus napkin fold will impress all of your guests, no doubt about it. The only problem: They might find it too beautiful to unfold.

Place Card Napkin Folding Idea - Napkin folds aren't just easy on the eyes (and thoroughly Instagrammable). They can also be a practical way to lead guests to their assigned seat!

Pocket Napkin Folding Idea - A colorful, sweet-smelling herb looks lovely peeking out of the "pocket" in this folded napkin. But the sky's the limit in terms of what you can tuck inside them: a simple fork and knife, a piece of candy, a note of gratitude...whatever fits the bill!

Pinwheel Napkin Folding Idea - Perfect for a spring gathering or an summer barbecue, this design is super easy. Put a charm in the center of it for an elegant touch.

Bunny Napkin Folding Idea - Start off a memorable Easter meal with an unforgettable napkin fold that will wow everyone.

Triple Pocket Napkin Folding Idea - Recreate the popular napkin fold you often see at restaurants right in your own dining room.

The Bow Tie Napkin Folding Idea - While this design is fairly easy to do with a napkin ring, here's how to master the fold without one.

Rosebud Napkin Folding Idea - This easy design will add a touch of sophistication to any table setting.

Snowflake Napkin Folding Idea - While this design may look like it requires more than one napkin, it doesn't! The surprisingly simple fold can be repurposed for a variety of holidays just by swapping napkin colors. A red one can resemble a poinsettia, for instance, and a black one with a crystal in the middle is perfect for New Year's Eve.
Fillable Pouch Napkin Folding Idea - Similar to the holiday crown, this pouch-like fold lets you fill it up with whatever you'd like. In this example, Easter eggs were added. Other options are name tags, flowers, or breadsticks.

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