How to Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter

Author: Simply Maid   Date Posted:21 May 2018 

Follow these top tips to stay warm without blowing your winter budget.

Winter has come early this year with icy winds and frosty mornings becoming more and more frequent. During the colder months it’s not hard to reach for your heater’s  ‘on’ button or jump in the shower for half an hour to get warm. But just because cooler days are on the horizon doesn’t mean you should face a hefty energy bill. Follow these top tips to stay warm without blowing your winter budget.

Cut down on your shower time

Although it can seem like an easy fix to jump into a steaming hot shower for a good half an hour this is an expensive habit to get into. Heating water is generally one of the most costly ways to get warm. In fact, according to a analysis, a 30-minute shower is equivalent to using the heater for six hours. Instead, why not hop into bed and flick your electric blanket on? At only four cents per hour it’s a bargain way to get warm this winter.

Only heat the room you’re using

Make sure you close the doors of all unoccupied rooms. Although it’s always nice to enter a warm room, heating spaces that no one is spending any time in is a waste of energy and money. By closing the doors you’ll also make it easier to heat up the room you’re in, which makes getting warmer a lot quicker. Another key thing to remember with heaters is to position them away from windows, where the heat can easily escape.

Put another layer on

Turning the heater to full blast may seem like a good option, but dressing for the right season will save you some money. Chuck on a few jumpers and a pair of trackies and you’ll start warming up instantly. Warm air gets trapped between layers of clothing, so the more you wear the warmer you’ll be.

Compare different energy deals and look for a better rate

It’s important to shop around and compare electricity and gas rates to make sure you’re scoring the best energy deal possible. So many of us miss out by getting lazy and not bothering search for more competitive energy prices. Make the switch to a low-cost retailer and keep an eye out for good bundles too if you have both electricity and gas.

Open and close the blinds strategically

If the sun is shining outside open the curtains, and even doors, to let those warm ultraviolet rays shine through. This is free energy that when used strategically, can efficiently and sustainably heat and regulate the temperature of your house. Make sure to close the curtains as soon as it hits dusk though; you don’t want to lose all that warmth from the sun or let any of that cold winter air in.

Switch off what’s not in use

Appliances that have a standby mode are chewing up a lot of energy. Whether it’s your children’s gaming console, the Foxtel box or even your microwave, these appliances are always on and therefore always (and most of the time unnecessarily) consuming electricity. Cut down on this avoidable energy usage by turning things off at the powerpoint once not in use. In saying this, you don’t want to go too extreme — your iQ can’t record shows if it doesn’t have power, and no one wants to miss out on the latest episode of their favourite TV show.

Winter has arrived, and it’s about time we all prepared if we want to avoid not only the sting of the frosty air but of the winter energy bills as well! You don’t have to go cold this winter and by following these tips you’ll keep your costs down.

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