Staying Covid-19 Safe

Date Posted:7 July 2021 

With Australia having successfully flattened the curve, the recent outbreaks in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland have proved an important reminder to stay vigilant. Below are steps that you must be taking to stay COVID-safe at home and in the workplace.


Make sure that surfaces are wiped down regularly. Use sanitisers that kill germs and viruses. Pay attention to surfaces such as door handles and benches that see a lot of traffic. We offer a range of cleaning products to help you achieve this.

Hand Hygiene

Make sure you are washing your hands as often as possible. You can buy hand soap dispensers and soap from us to make it sure that you have the facilities to make this happen. We even sell hand sanitiser units that, although not as effective as hand washing, are a quick and efficient way to sanitise the hands. 

Social Distancing

The official guidelines are to maintain 1.5 meters distance between those around you. Consider placing marks on the floor in workplaces and shops for staff and customers to better visualise the distance.

In the Bathroom

Make sure your bathroom is maintained and fully stocked with what people need to maintain good hygiene. Soap dispensers, paper towel, toilet seat cleaners and hand sanitisers must always be functional and topped up. If you need help in managing your washrooms or want to take the hassle out, consider using a washroom services company such as Sanokil. Their high-quality services mean that your dispensers will be topped up at an interval that suits your site.


Together we can help flatten the curve and reduce the risk of transmission in Australia. It is up to all of us to play our part. 


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