Top Tips to Clean your Caravan this Summer

Date Posted:1 December 2015 

The holiday season is just around the corner. Many families, couples and nomads decide to travel Australia’s beautiful scenic coast line but also the hot desert and small country towns via a Caravan! shsProducts with help from ‘Without A Hitch’ have some top tips to keep your caravan clean this summer.

Avoid high pressure cleaners

The intensity of high pressure cleaners may allow water to seep into potentially weak seals and tiny gaps. Instead use a cloth and hot soapy water. If you are after a tough cleaning cloth, shsProduct’s ‘Turbo Tough Cleaning Wipes’ are a good option. The cloths are all purpose cleaning cloths that pulls through the toughest of dirt and grime.

Use good quality detergent

The cleaning detergent you use to get best results on your car and house will be fitting for your caravan too. ShsProduct’s ‘Crème Cleanser’ has a combination of powerful detergents and polishing agents. The ‘Crème Cleanser’ leaves surfaces smooth and shiny.

Wash from top down

It is best to clean the roof first and work your way down. This prevents washed areas being covered in dirty run-offs. shsProduct’s ‘Heavy Duty Bucket’ is ideal for use with squeeze mops and window washers. The bucket has a comfortable non-slip hand grip for extra carrying comfort.

Give the windows special treatment

Your caravan is similar to your home, which means you will want streak free windows. shsProduct’s ‘Fine Line Window Squeegee’ is high quality, sturdy and durable. This product is ideal to use on windows, glass table tops, mirrors and tiles.

Treat it like your home

A caravan is a temporary home. Cleaning the inside of your caravan is much like cleaning your home. Vacuum the flooring, dust all the surfaces, wipe out the cupboards and freshen up the fridge. shsProduct’s ‘Car and Caravan Wash Brush’ has super soft flagged bristles for scratch free cleaning it also comes complete with a snap on hose connector.

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