Sabco Products – Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Date Posted:15 January 2014 

Sabco Products – Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Sabco products are paving the way to a new approach to cleaning. Hardwood floor maintenance is becoming popular due to the increasing amounts of individuals steering away from carpet to hardwood floors.

The Sabco Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit is only $22.10 and includes a microfiber washable pad, Sabco Mop Head and 4-Piece Handle and Sabco Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

The kit includes many diverse features including:

  • Complete Starter Kit that is safe and effective on timber floors
  • Streak-free and residue free clean
  • Trapezoid shaped swivel head for ease of use and getting into corners, tight spaces & under furniture
  • Looped Ultra-fine Microfibre pad
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaner cleans and protects floors adding lustre and shine
  • Suitable for all hard floor surfaces

Don’t slave away, clean your floor at ease

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