10 Quick Steps to Mop Your Floor Properly

Date Posted:27 April 2016 

  • Clean the area (remove tables, chairs, throw rugs) 
  • Sweep the floor or vacuum (mops do a terrible job at collecting crumbs, dust, hair - that job is for vacuums) 
  • Place the cleaner of your choice (choose from our range here) into the mop bucket and fill with warm water, enough to cover the head of the mop 
  • Dip mop in the cleaning solution and let it absorb the cleaner
  • Wring the excess solution out of the mop
  • Start in one corner of the room, continue across floor in same fashion
  • Work backwards towards a door – avoid stepping on the areas you have just cleaned
  • Let the mopped area dry thoroughly
  • Replace any furnishings you removed from the area
  • Hang the mop up to dry out when you are finished 

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